Spoken English Course in Faisalabad

Spoken English Course in Faisalabad


CYBEX – School of IT Professionals (Pvt) Limited is the leading best Spoken English Training Institution in Faisalabad that offers a wide range of professional courses, including Spoken English Course in Faisalabad. This course is designed to help individuals improve their English communication skills, both spoken and written, to enhance spoken English skills and improve their confidence in a social situation


Introduction to Spoken English

  • Basics of communication
  • Importance of English in today’s world
  • Common challenges in spoken English


  • Parts of speech
  • Tenses
  • Sentence structure and formation
  • Punctuation


  • Building a strong vocabulary
  • Word formation
  • Synonyms and antonyms
  • Idioms and phrasal verbs

Pronunciation and Accent

  • Phonetics
  • Correct
  • pronunciation of sounds
  • Stress and intonation
  • Neutralizing accents

Listening Comprehension

  • Understanding
  • spoken English
  • Developing listening skills
  • Active listening
  • Note-taking

Conversation and Communication Skills

  • Initiating conversations
  • Small talk
  • Participating in group discussions
  • Expressing opinions and ideas

Public Speaking

  • Preparing a speech
  • Effective delivery techniques
  • Handling nerves and anxiety
  • Engaging the audience

Business English

  • Common business
  • English vocabulary and phrases
  • Writing effective emails and memos
  • Conducting successful meetings
  • Negotiation and persuasion skills
Spoken English Training
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